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Sustainable brands at Fair Couture

Sustainability and sustainable fashion are in high demand. That's why many brands now also occasionally offer sustainable clothing or environmentally friendly lines. But other brands have committed themselves to sustainability right from the start and rely 100% on environmentally friendly products. At Fair Couture we only offer sustainable items. These come from the top brands when it comes to sustainability. Discover our brands now and make your everyday life a little more environmentally friendly.

What makes our brands sustainable?

Our fair fashion labels use environmentally friendly materials, produce the items as resource-efficiently as possible and are committed to fair working conditions.

But what does sustainable fashion mean?

Clothing is described as sustainable or fair if the focus of production is not on profit, but on the well-being of people and the environment. In order to check this, there are social and ecological certifications that assess, according to strict standards, how resource-saving and fairly the fair trade clothing was produced. You can find brands with such certification in our online shop. We only include brands in our range that meet the standards and also check the manufacturers' production conditions at regular intervals.

Fair fashion labels are opposed to fast fashion, which is known for producing inferior goods cheaply. Fast fashion is quickly thrown away, not least because of its low quality, and therefore wastes important resources. Clothing, on the other hand, is much more durable and is often made from sustainable or recycled materials such as organic cotton or recycled polyester. PATAGONIA, for example, is also known for outdoor clothing and T-shirts.

Sustainable materials and organic clothing

The fair fashion products are made from a wide variety of materials. Many fashion brands use recycled polyester. For this purpose, old PET bottles are usually reused, sometimes even leftovers. FEUERWEAR uses discarded fire hoses for all of its products, giving the old hoses a new meaning. This creates individual designs and a lot of resources can be saved through reuse. Both material, electricity and gas. You can find a recycled backpack in the “ recycled backpack ” categories or in the overview of all backpacks and individual brands and fashion labels. For example at UCON ACROBATICS , AEVOR or SANDQVIST .

Particularly environmentally friendly: Example Bananatex

Some sustainable brands like QWSTION continue to develop their products and use new ideas for the material. QWSTION uses GOTS-certified organic cotton and recycled cotton for its bags and backpacks. They also developed Bananatex - the world's first technical fabric made from banana plants. The functional and waterproof textile is made from banana fibers and is coated with natural beeswax. QWSTION items are made from 100% natural materials and are therefore particularly environmentally friendly.

Certified sustainability through environmental seals

There are now a number of seals that recognize sustainable brands. We explained them in more detail in our blog article . They are particularly relevant to show how companies work and why they are allowed to classify their products as sustainable. The most important seals are:

  • GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard)
  • Fair trade cotton
  • Fair Wear Foundation
  • The Green Button
  • PETA approved vegan (People of Ethical Treatment of Animals)

Sustainable brands - Made in Germany like ORTLIEB

The ORTLIEB brand has its entire production located in Germany. The bags and backpacks are designed, constructed, produced and sold in Heilbronn. The marketing department and production management are also based in Germany. That's why ORTLIEB can label its products as 100% Made in Germany and thus also supports fair working conditions and fair wages. Other sustainable brands such as ULSTO also produce the backpacks and bags in Germany.

PINQPONQ’s “Design follows minimal waste” strategy

The minimal waste strategy means that PINQPONQ proceeds in the production and design of its products in such a way that as little waste as possible is created. Based on the minimal waste strategy , PINQPONQ also follows the motto “Design follows minimal waste”. The PINQPONQ backpacks and bags are deliberately designed to be rectangular in order to not only be functional, but also to follow the minimal waste approach.

Shop fashion labels with environmental awareness at Fair Couture

In our range you will only find top fashion brands with environmentally friendly items. It is a matter close to our hearts to contribute to climate protection with sustainable backpacks and bags. That's why women and men can find organic fashion and fair clothing here. With every order you do your part to protect the environment. With us, shopping for fair fashion is easy. In contrast to the shipping of other online shops, all your orders from our fashion labels arrive to you in a climate-friendly manner via DHL GoGreen.