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The big backpack guide - how to buy the right backpack online

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Sustainable backpacks

Trendy and at the same time Sustainable backpacks are available in a wide variety of variants, colors and shapes. Choosing the right backpack is essential, especially when ordering online. With this backpack guide, everyone can quickly find the right companion - whether for leisure, hiking, cycling or everyday business.

When looking for a new trendy and sustainable backpack, Sandqvist , Ortlieb , 7clouds or Melawear don't present us with an easy task. First you should ask yourself what type of backpack you want. Is it the designer backpack as an optical fashion accessory or as an alternative to a handbag ? Or would you prefer a high-quality vegan backpack with leather alternatives made of cork, which stands out, for example, due to the material and the straight-lined look? With sporty models, however, the focus should be on sophisticated features and functions - in order to be the ideal companion for both city trips and mountain tours. But we at Fair Couture can guarantee one thing for all backpacks: sustainability , fair production and high-quality materials ! With our tips you will find your backpack step by step, whether waterproof, vegan, trendy or all in one.

First things first: What adventure is in store for your backpack?

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The trekking or suitcase backpack

For longer trips or for backpacking, we recommend a trekking or suitcase backpack. If it's a weekend trip, weekenders are best. For longer trips, your backpack should have a capacity of at least 40 liters . Women should reach a maximum of 65 liters and men a maximum of 80 liters. Backpacks with a volume of 31 to 50 liters offer enough space for a 1-2 day trip and can be loaded with a weight of up to 17 kg. Larger versions with a capacity of up to 50 liters are particularly suitable for tours that last several days and involve more extensive equipment. The weight can also be significantly higher here. The more features - such as padded shoulder straps, adjustable straps, a hip belt or a carrying system - a backpack has, the heavier it can be. If the backpack is adjusted ergonomically correctly, it protects your back and shoulders so that they are not overloaded.

Our tip: Make sure that the main load lies on the hips so that you can permanently relieve the strain on your shoulders.

The weekender

The weekender is the ideal combination of a modern bag and practical luggage . With a weekender bag, both men and women are well equipped for a short trip. The bags have just the right size to take everything you need with you without restricting your flexibility. In addition, weekender bags do not appear bulky and can be carried without any problems with the help of a shoulder strap. Weekender bags are made from durable yet robust materials . No matter whether you choose a small or large weekender, we offer a large selection of bags made from vegan leather, organic cotton canvas or other sustainable materials. There are models that were specifically designed for women , which is reflected in the interior design as well as in the feminine, fashionable and attractive design. Models for men are characterized more by their straight shape, elegance or sportiness. Functional travel bags are used for business trips.

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Leisure backpack | Business Backpack | Laptop backpack

Sustainable backpacks for everyday business life or for a stroll through the city are characterized by their compact size and still offer enough space for everything you need throughout the day. Leisure backpacks are therefore the perfect all-rounders .

Business backpacks, on the other hand, are not only stylish, but also offer a variety of elements that make it easier to stow away the most important things. Well-padded laptop compartments and a high level of comfort are a must for a modern backpack, especially in everyday working life. Many of our brands such as Ortlieb or 7clouds are also water-repellent or even completely waterproof . Leather backpacks are timeless and robust, but you should not neglect the fact that they carry more weight compared to a nylon backpack. If you compare a daypack with a leather backpack that weighs around 1.5 kg, the nylon backpack only weighs 0.5 - 0.7 kg , depending on the equipment. We recommend a canvas backpack for everyday use or for leisure activities. This is not only light, but the robust material can also take on all everyday adventures. Fair Couture offers a large selection of canvas backpacks, which are also water-repellent and sustainably manufactured. Just pay attention to the GOTS certification .

Laptop backpacks always have a padded 14 inch, 15 inch or 17 inch laptop compartment , so that every size of notebook can be accommodated. The sustainable backpacks specifically for notebooks offer electronic devices protection from scratches and impacts . Of course, there are also other specific features depending on the manufacturer that make everyday life easier with a computer in your backpack, be it as a student backpack, business backpack or simply as a multimedia backpack. Depending on what purpose you want to use your laptop backpack for men or women, you will find a large selection of modern backpacks here.

Bicycle backpack

Is cycling one of your passions? When it comes to a bicycle backpack , it is important that it has integrated ventilation and fits closely to the body. The cut is also relevant for freedom of movement and safety. Modern backpacks are narrow and long and adapt perfectly to the body and back. The standard features of a bicycle backpack include a holder for a separate rear light or a helmet as well as durable and hard-wearing outer material, which should be waterproof. The backpack volume is ideally 20-30 liters . We can particularly recommend the backpacks from the Ortlieb brand, which are characterized by high-quality workmanship “Made in Germany”.

Women's backpacks vs. men's backpacks

Almost all leading backpack manufacturers offer different models for men and women. The days when a women's backpack was just a nicer version of a men's backpack are long gone. Today's models take into account the anatomical differences between men and women and adapt their carrying system accordingly - with an enormous increase in comfort. We'll show you what other differences there are here:

  • Hip belt : Another difference between men and women is the hip area. Women usually have broader bones than men. It is therefore important that the backpack's lap belt is harmoniously tailored to the anatomy. Many manufacturers therefore lengthen the hip straps on women's backpacks and make them tapered. Tapered means that the hip fins are placed more obliquely in order to close more tightly from above on and around the hip bones. This effect is supported by additional padding on the straps. Overall, the weight is transferred better to the hips, there are fewer pressure points and the backpack slips less. Since the main load - especially with larger backpacks - is supposed to be borne by the pelvis, the correct shape is crucial here.

  • Carrying straps/shoulder straps : There is also a crucial difference between men and women when it comes to the shoulders. The shoulders of women are narrower than those of men. The straps are hung closer to the back and form an arc around the neck. This avoids unnecessary rubbing and prevents the backpack from slipping or swinging. The chest strap is also set higher. After all, this is supposed to provide support and stability and not squeeze the breast.

  • Back length : On average, women are not only slightly shorter than men, but also have different proportions between leg and back length. Women usually have longer legs compared to their upper body. This means that the back area is shorter than that of men. The size of the backpack is therefore crucial for perfect carrying comfort.

Can women also carry men's backpacks and vice versa?

In most cases, the differences mentioned above are justified and in the long run you will feel much better with an ergonomically adapted backpack. However, there are always exceptions. Because of their stature, some women get along better with men's models and there are also men for whom a women's backpack fits better. Ultimately, you should always choose the backpack that suits you best. With the very large selection of backpacks, no one has to make compromises anymore. If you are not only looking for a backpack that is suitable for you, but also sustainable, then take a look at our selection of women's backpacks and men's backpacks.

Requirements for the right backpack

If you know what adventure you have in store, when choosing the right brand, you should make sure that the backpack is ergonomically shaped and has adjustable straps that adapt to every body size. This means that the backpack sits comfortably on your shoulders not only in everyday life, but also when hiking or cycling. A contrasting, foam-padded back ensures maximum comfort in everyday life and during sporting activities. An additional chest and hip strap can ensure the necessary stability even with heavier loads. When it comes to trendy backpacks for everyday use, the most important thing is functionality and sustainability. Durable, ecological and recycled materials make your backpack a loyal companion.

In summary: The most important features when choosing your sustainable backpack

  • Carrying comfort: Pay attention to your height when choosing your sustainable backpack. This is relevant for choosing the size of the backpack that fits your body and back. Especially for hiking backpacks or for longer trips with a backpack, the size should be coordinated and chosen correctly.

  • Weight: The weight of a backpack for women or men can be a decisive factor in comfort. The weight of the backpack varies depending on the type of backpack and the purpose. Backpacks made from lightweight materials are an advantage for a leisure backpack. For longer trips, however, stability is important, but the backpacks for this also carry more weight. The more weight you want to transport, the more important the carrying system becomes.

  • Features: The perfect everyday companion impresses with its functional and intelligently designed features. This means that your backpack should not only have pockets for storing the most important items such as wallets or keys, but ideally also compartments for a laptop, a water bottle or magazines. Comfortable back padding and easily adjustable, padded carrying straps are also essential.

  • Carrying system: You don't need a sophisticated carrying system for everyday and leisure use with a sustainable backpack. A padded back and adjustable carrying straps are often enough here. A narrow waist band can also ensure that the backpack stays in place. The carrying systems of mountain and trekking backpacks should aim to transfer as much weight as possible to the hips in order to relieve the strain on the shoulders. To achieve this, the carrying system should be adjustable. So you can adjust it to the hip and back length. The better the backpack fits, the lower the load.

  • Material: Sustainable and 100% fair materials are important to us. That's why we can particularly recommend backpacks made of vegetable-tanned and chrome-free leather or waxed canvas (100% recycled cotton or organic cotton). These materials are made of waterproof, durable corduroy (nylon) fabric. The inner lining is usually made of organic cotton or high-strength denim. Sustainable backpacks from the Fair Couture online shop mostly use durable, ecological and recycled materials. Environmentally friendly organic cotton, vegetable/vegetable tanned eco-leather and recycled polyester dominate the material mix used. These materials ensure particularly long life, so that you can enjoy your backpack for a long time.

Our tip: Make sure that the materials used are GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified. This way you can ensure that sustainability and fair production have been taken into account. The award places particular emphasis on environmental requirements along the entire textile production chain, as well as social criteria.

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Whether it's a leisure backpack , canvas backpack , leather backpack or backpack bag - in the FairCouture online shop you will find a large selection of different backpack formats. You can order your 100% sustainable new backpack from us easily and climate-neutrally with DHL GoGreen. Discover our diverse range of eco and 100% fair trade backpacks. Of course, we not only offer you sustainable backpacks, we also have trendy bags and accessories in our range.