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Live sustainably – in harmony with nature

Living a sustainable life is the goal of more and more people. The topic of sustainability is important to a very large part of the population. The three pillars of sustainability include ecology, economics and social aspects. We give you tips and ideas for a sustainable life.
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Living a sustainable life is the goal of more and more people who have understood that our habits are seriously endangering our existence and that of all subsequent generations on the beautiful planet Earth. So far, so good, but how can we actually live sustainably and use tips and tricks that are not expensive but still effective? How can we implement all of this in everyday life and how can you live sustainably with a baby? We answer this and many other exciting questions in this sustainable living blog.

What does it mean to live sustainably?

Sustainability in numbers

It's no longer just a few hippies and other rebels who want to live ecologically and consciously; on the contrary, the issue of sustainability is important to a very large part of the population.
Sustainability already plays a major role as a criterion for many consumers, especially when shopping. A total of 64% of Germans paid attention to sustainable products when choosing sustainable products in 2014, even if, despite good intentions, only 11% almost always managed to be consistently consistent when it came to sustainability. Although 53% tried to make sustainable decisions, they were not always able to implement them and only 2% consciously decided against sustainable alternatives in their own consumption.
Nevertheless, there is clearly still room for improvement here, as 34% only ended up with sustainable products in their shopping cart by chance. But we can make environmentally friendly purchasing decisions not only when it comes to consumer goods and food, but also when it comes to transport, travel, household goods, clothing and even work and finances.
But what exactly does sustainability mean?

Living sustainably definition

The United Nations defined sustainability in the Brundtland Report in 1987 as “development that meets the needs of the present without risking that future generations will be unable to meet their own needs.” In principle, the aim is to ensure that humanity and the earth can continue to coexist healthily and harmoniously for a long time to come.

The three pillars of sustainability include ecology, economics and social aspects. This means that for sustainable development, goals from all areas should be achieved equally, as they are mutually dependent and complementary. If, for example, nature conservation is not taken into account, good economic performance and social prosperity cannot be guaranteed in the long term, because at some point important raw materials will be missing and people will have to live in a potentially dangerous or toxic environment. Sustainability and development can also support each other; for example, more and more manufacturers are developing new ways to produce environmentally friendly alternatives to raw materials from petroleum.

Tips and ideas for a sustainable life

How can you live sustainably in everyday life? The answer primarily includes the attitude that living economically and sustainably does not mean a terrible sacrifice, but rather an interesting challenge and also a great enrichment.

Tips for an environmentally friendly everyday life

The answer to the question “How can you live sustainably in everyday life?” always depends on the person concerned, because each of us has other areas that can be improved. Most of the time we know our own environmental sins quite well and all that matters is that we decide to do a little better in these areas.

Living sustainably with children is not an impossible task either: the earlier the youngest children are naturally accustomed to environmentally friendly behavior, the more likely they are to implement this behavior in their later lives. Even older children quickly understand that they can do good for the environment with their decisions.
The best recipe here is always to live a conscious, sustainable life with family and friends, because children usually adopt the behaviors that are modeled for them.

If you ever feel left alone or overwhelmed, then look for a sustainable living forum, where you can get support or at least an open ear from like-minded people and can often even make new acquaintances. You can now find how to live sustainably for beginners, making a difference step by step, in numerous sustainable living blogs or in more than one sustainably living book, wonderfully explained from your own experience. Living sustainably is a gift that you can share with others who are also interested, because many things can be better together and with mutual support.
Maybe you would even like to take part in a sustainable living competition with a few other committed people?

Consume sustainably – zero waste

In 2018, statistically speaking, every German generated 228 kilograms of waste. That's a gigantic amount, especially when we consider that e.g. B. not even half of the plastic packaging is recycled.
To counteract this, each individual can use the “5 Rs” to reduce their own mountain of waste, not only for sustainable living in the household but also when shopping and eating out. These are:

  1. “Refuse”, i.e. politely rejecting unnecessary packaging on the market, for example,
  2. “Reuse”, i.e. use things as often as possible
  3. “Return”, i.e. buying reusable packaging that can be returned after use,
  4. “Recycle”, i.e. whatever is possible to recycle or
  5. “Rotting”, i.e. to be composted.

If you get better and better at these 5 points, then you are a huge step closer to living sustainably in your everyday life. Living simply and sustainably is not difficult at all and with a few small changes you can contribute a lot to a world worth living in and an intact ecology!

Sustainability at Fair Couture

It is clear to all members of Fair Couture that living and working sustainably is an absolute priority, especially in our times. That's why we have set ourselves the goal of offering you a top selection of environmentally and socially friendly bags ,backpacks and accessories in the area of ​​sustainable fashion in our sustainably living shop. So that active environmental protection is also portable, useful and beautiful to look at.

What does sustainable work mean to us?

We offer you 100% sustainable products that are manufactured and traded under fair conditions. We not only rely on new materials, but also use recycled raw materials in order to conserve natural resources as much as possible. That's why we ship your order 100% climate-neutrally.
Sustainable business is a matter close to our hearts and we would like to share it with you too.

Feel free to take a look around our online shop for sustainable backpacks and bags. We're happy if you like something.