Umweltsiegel - ausgezeichnete Nachhaltigkeit

Environmental seal - excellent sustainability

Environmental seals help you make the right purchase decision for sustainable backpacks and bags. You can find out which seals you should pay attention to when buying fair fashion and sustainable accessories and which we also take into account when selecting our manufacturers in this guide.

If you as a consumer wanted to get a clear picture of the company in question before making a purchase decision, each purchase would take a lot of time. To make the whole thing a little easier for you, you can look out for various seals whose criteria guarantee that certain sustainability goals have been met. The best known are probably the various organic seals for food, the Blue Angel for clothing, paper, electrical appliances, building and heating and the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) for wood and paper products.

You can find out which seals you should consider when buying fair fashion and sustainable accessories and which we also take into account when selecting our manufacturers here. We have briefly summarized the most important seals for you.


IVN Best Seals

The IVN Best seal from the International Association of the Natural Textile Industry guarantees compliance with the highest standards of textile ecology. The association certifies the entire production chain and takes ecological and socially responsible aspects into account. All certified companies must pay at least minimum wages. In addition, the materials are 100% ecological. IVN Best also acts in accordance with the ILO core labor standard, which follows four basic principles:

  • Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining
  • Elimination of forced labor
  • Abolition of child labor
  • Prohibition of discrimination in employment and occupation


GOTS seal

The GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) label describes that at least 70% of the natural fibers used come from controlled organic agriculture or animal husbandry. With the label addition “organic”, this applies to 95% of the fibers used. The social and ecological standards at IVN BEST are higher than at GOTS. GOTS also certifies the ILO core labor standards.

Fair trade cotton

Fair trade cotton

The Fairtrade seal for cotton, like the entire organization, stands for fair cultivation and trade of products, in this case cotton. The minimum price paid by Fairtrade helps farmers and producers cover the costs of sustainable production. Farmers receive additional bonuses, for example, by participating in social community projects. This means that the Fairtrade standards are sometimes significantly higher than compliance with the ILO core labor standards, which also apply here to the further processing stages. The Fairtrade textile standard covers the entire textile value chain.

Fair Wear Foundation

Fair Wear Foundation seal

The Fair Wear Foundation stands for improving social conditions in textile companies. Together with the production companies, we work side by side for a more social planet. You can find the annual test report and thus the list of all companies involved at The Fair Wear Foundation logo can be found on clothing from companies that are classified in the best category after one year of membership.

The Green Button

Green button seal

The “Green Button” is a state textile seal that includes 26 social and ecological product criteria and 20 company criteria. The Green Button, for example, stands for a corporate policy focused on human rights and environmental protection. Individual criteria include, for example, the ban on dangerous chemicals, the reduction of air pollution, the ban on forced and child labor or the payment of minimum wages.

PETA-Approved Vegan

PETA approved VEGAN

“People for Ethical Treatment of Animals”, or PETA for short, is the largest global animal protection organization, with several million members and supporters. Due to the increased demand for vegan and animal-friendly fashion, PETA has launched the PETA-Approved Vegan label. The maxim, vegan fashion without any animal suffering. Unlike other seals, PETA does not take into account the working conditions or environmental standards of the products.

Even when you're on the move - and hopefully well equipped with our sustainable backpacks and accessories - you can support companies that operate in an environmentally friendly manner. Various seals in the tourism sector such as: B. the Via Bono and TourCert certificates recognize accommodations that use our resources responsibly.