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Sustainable fashion brands at Fair Couture

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Living frugally and sustainably should be fun, because only then can we stay on the ball. We make sure that you can live sustainably and well and don't have to forego the comfort of a stylish bag or a practical backpack. That's why we have a whole range of sustainable and trendy fashion labels in our range.

Sustainable and at the same time trendy brands such as Got Bag , Aevor , Property of , Ucon Acrobatics , and Vaude , are gathered here so that you can enjoy your new accessories with a clear conscience.

Each of the brands in our range is guaranteed to produce in a fair and environmentally friendly manner , can demonstrate sustainability seals and monitors compliance with the specifications in regular audits with their manufacturers. A sustainably living gift from our shop might even convince one or two skeptics who fear that sustainable clothing and environmentally friendly fashion only consists of scratchy fabrics and old-fashioned designs.

Take your time to look around, we'll be happy if you like something!

Fair fashion labels at Fair Couture

Fair fashion in Germany is becoming increasingly popular. Our online shop Fair Couture Store, based in Munich, also offers sustainable fashion online . Our shop specializes in offering sustainably produced backpacks , accessories and fair trade bags. We carry sustainable and trendy fashion brands such as Ortlieb , Qwstion , Sandqvist and 7Clouds . You can choose between a large selection of models, colors and materials.

If you are also looking for a new trendy and sustainable backpack or sustainable fashion, then the Fair Couture Store is the right place for you. It has never been so easy to buy fair fashion online. The items offered in the Fair Couture Store ensure compliance with social and ecological standards . Fair Couture only includes brands in its range that can demonstrably produce in a sustainable and fair manner, have sustainability seals and regularly monitor the production conditions of their manufacturers through audits.

More sustainable fashion

In addition to the increasing number of fair fashion shops in Germany, more and more sustainable brands are also establishing themselves on the fashion market. Fair fashion brands now offer clothing and accessories for all fashion departments in German-speaking countries.

The brands Armed Angels, Kings Of Indigo, Mud Jeans and Nudie Jeans have specialized in the sustainable and fair production of jeans. Sustainable bags and backpacks can be found at Matt & Nat, Patagonia , PinqPonq , Qwstion and Sandqvist . Patagonia is also popular for its extensive range of outdoor clothing.

Ethletic and Veja are specialized green fashion brands that produce fair and sustainable sneakers. The LangerChen brand is known for its range of fair fashion in the area of ​​jackets, trench coats and coats. The brands Greenality, Functional Cut, bleed and recolution offer sustainable basics such as T-shirts and sweatshirts and casual clothing.

Lanius, Jan 'N June, LOVJOI and Filippa K are known for their fashionable cuts and feminine, chic fashion for women. Knowledge Cotton Apparel is a brand that specializes purely in fair fashion for men. A well-known designer fashion brand that focuses on sustainability and vegan designer clothing, shoes and accessories is Stella McCartney.

All of the brands mentioned have firmly established themselves on the German-speaking fair fashion market and can boast environmental certificates. These green labels produce in an environmentally friendly way using sustainable materials and adhere to minimum social standards. At the same time, the clothing from eco brands is suitable for the masses and contributes to the change in the fashion industry.