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UlStO cork backpack Luco Vegan
ULSTO UlStO cork backpack Luco Vegan
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UlStO cork handbag Pectina Vegan
ULSTO UlStO cork handbag Pectina Vegan
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UlStO cork handbag Marila Vegan
ULSTO UlStO cork handbag Marila Vegan
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UlStO cork handbag Macra Vegan
ULSTO UlStO cork handbag Macra Vegan
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UlStO cork pen bag Casta
ULSTO UlStO cork pen bag Casta
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UlStO cork cosmetic bag Cana
ULSTO UlStO cork cosmetic bag Cana
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UlStO stands for Scandinavian, sustainable design “Made in Germany” . Ulrike, the founder of the label - an engineer from Dresden - dedicated herself entirely to her passion after completing her studies in 2016 and founded the label UlStO. The aim was to produce fairly and sustainably manufactured bags and accessories . Ulrike came up with the idea during the semester break. As a balance and creative distraction from her less-than-creative studies, she started sewing. “Cork to Carry” is the motto with which Ulrike produces bags made of cork and felt and wants to give the dusty “eco” image a new shine. Her hobby became a profession and she has now opened her own showroom in Neustadt. She is particularly proud of her sustainable and regional production, as well as her collaboration with local seamstresses and photographers. The vegan bags are purist and simple, yet still eye-catching.

Woman carries cork bag
Puristic UlStO Bag in black

UlStO products made of cork in detail

Cork is a renewable raw material and is obtained from the bark of the cork oak. Because no trees have to be felled, cork leather is a perfect and, above all, environmentally friendly alternative to animal leather. UlStO not only relies on CO2-saving production for its bags and backpacks, but also presents a stylish companion for men and women with its water -repellent and flexible cork bags . In addition to cork, the bags are made of fairly produced organic cotton canvas as the inner and outer material. The puristic and straightforward design , combined with its feel, radiates well-being and strength. Cork is a durable and sustainable material and gives bags and accessories that certain extra something. Vegan bags without animal ingredients using materials from the EU.

Mint cork bag
Stylish and sustainable on the go – UlStO Bag in Mint

Sustainability at UlStO

UlStO produces locally. Since it was founded in Dresden in 2016, the company has remained loyal to its production location in Saxony. In this way, the company not only guarantees the highest quality but also supports the local economy. UlStO benefits from the long tradition of textile processing industries in the Erzgebirge. Not only do you know the people and working conditions very well, but you are always in personal and direct exchange. In this way, the company ensures fair working conditions and sustainable production . Regionality not only plays a role in the selection of the production site, but also in the choice of high-quality materials. Cords and zippers are produced in Germany. The felt is made from recycled PET bottles . The cork is sourced from Portugal.

This is what UlStO stands for with the production of its range:

  • Short transport routes
  • Personal relationship
  • Supporting the local economy
  • Preservation/creation of jobs in the region
  • environmental Protection
  • Guaranteed fairness

Fair Couture makes a statement for sustainable bags

Long-lasting and sustainable products are what not only UlStO strives for, but also Fair Couture. We are committed to fairness for people and nature and are setting another example for fair fashion by selling sustainable bags from the UlStO brand. Do you like cork bags? Then take a look at the Sperling bags made of cork.

If you have any questions about the products or the purchase process, you can contact our Fair Couture online shop customer service at any time.