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We take a look at the backpacks for you. Since we are committed to sustainability and climate protection, you will only find environmentally friendly brands and sustainable backpacks in our selection.
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May we introduce: The new favorite accessory for 2022:


Birkenstocks, mum jeans and shirt dresses. Fashion has become comfortable in recent years. High shoes, tight pants and tailored suits are no longer popular. Nowadays you can go to the office in jeans!

Comfort is becoming more and more important to the fashion-conscious people among us. And that's exactly why the backpack is currently celebrating a big comeback. In a duel with handbags, backpacks with a larger capacity, a high level of comfort on the back and usually a more durable exterior are convincing. So it's no wonder that your handbag has to stay at home more often now. With the trend towards more sustainability and environmental awareness, fashion and accessories are also becoming increasingly climate-friendly. We at Fair Couture have the most sought-after brands for sustainable backpacks , bags and accessories in our shop: ORTLIEB , UCON ACROBATICS , PINQPONG and Co all produce sustainable backpacks and bags.

But just like handbags, backpacks also come in many shapes, colors and sizes. We take a look at the backpacks for you. Since we are committed to sustainability and climate protection, you will only find environmentally friendly brands and sustainable backpacks in our selection.

Mastering university with a backpack on your back

Students often travel by bike, have to pack a lot of materials every day and walk a lot between lecture halls. Most young people use a backpack for all of this. This is usually a little larger so that all the books and the laptop can fit comfortably in it and lunch or a change of clothes can still fit in. Our roll-top backpacks made from PET bottles are particularly suitable for this. The materials made from recycled plastic are water-repellent and protect the contents of the backpack from rain and dirt. This means the important records are well preserved. You can also pack one or two more books thanks to the roll-top closure.

The backpack for the office

Walking through the door of the big office with a backpack? What used to be a no-go is now more conceivable. Provided the backpack looks well-maintained. That's why it's important to pay attention to the right material when choosing an office backpack. High-quality materials such as leather look chic and keep the backpack in shape so that it does not collapse but still stands upright even after several years. Sustainable backpacks are usually made from recycled PVC or organic cotton and are comfortable to wear. This is particularly important if the backpack is used every day.

Many employees now come to work by bicycle . A backpack is of course suitable for this as a means of transporting the laptop and important documents. Thanks to the padded laptop compartment, your work equipment is always well protected and arrives in the office safely. But it's not just cyclists who come to work with a backpack. Many others are following the current trend and wearing backpacks instead of handbags with their outfit.

Riding a bike with a backpack

No matter whether to the office, to university, to school or to sports. When traveling and shopping - if you're cycling, a backpack is more than helpful. Thanks to the many functions that our backpacks offer, cycling becomes a break and your valuables arrive safe and dry at their destination. In addition to sustainable backpacks, we also offer bicycle bags . With our guide you can find the right bike backpack and get from A to B comfortably.

Traveling with a backpack on a city bike

The way to the office and the city center is often done with a city bike. The comfortable bikes are back in style and so easy to use. Instead of buses or cars, city bikes take everyone to their destination quickly and in an environmentally friendly way. Even occasional riders get along very well with the city bike and don't have to buy an expensive racing bike or mountain bike. But objects also need to be transported on the city bike. The sporty style is complete with a sustainable backpack. The everyday outfit and sustainable backpack go perfectly with the chic bike.

Wear a backpack in everyday life

Practical and comfortable. A backpack provides immense support in stressful everyday life. But finding the right model is not that easy. The backpack should not be too big, but of course not too small either. It should be light and still support many functions. It should offer enough storage space for larger purchases or excursions, but for the fashion aspect, the backpack should not look as if you are about to set off on the next expedition. There is no one perfect model for this. But we have many perfect backpacks on offer. It all depends on your individual usage requirements as to which backpack is the perfect one for you and your everyday life. Browse through our fashionable and sustainable backpacks .

Sporty travel with sustainable backpacks

Getting to or from sports requires the right means of transport. Sustainable backpacks offer the optimal space for sports shoes, a change of clothes and drinking bottles to transport the items to the gym or club. The volume can be expanded with a roll-top closure and the individual pieces of equipment can be easily stored in the numerous compartments of the sustainable backpacks.

A hiking backpack is essential when hiking. On the way up to the hut and the alpine pasture you have to take a lot of luggage with you. Change of clothes, rain gear, food, water bottles and so on. A functional backpack is a big help. Our sustainable backpacks are equipped with lots of small gears that make packing fun. Removable laptop compartments, holders for drinking bottles and extra openings for a hydration bladder. With the many small pockets and fasteners, all items are optimally stowed and arrive safe and dry at the top of the mountain.

Sustainable backpacks as everyday companions

Sustainable backpacks accompany you on your adventures every day. They are by your side on every occasion and carry your luggage for you. Our functional and sustainable backpacks are real space savers and are very comfortable to carry on your shoulders. Sustainability is our top priority and of course affects all of our backpacks, their production and shipping. Sustainable backpacks are usually made from recycled PET bottles or organic cotton. In our online shop you will find sustainable backpacks from top brands that produce their backpacks fairly and in an environmentally friendly way. Thanks to DHL Go Green shipping, the sustainable backpacks reach you in a climate-friendly manner at an affordable price.

Living sustainably: More than just a backpack

To ensure you get from A to B safely, we not only have sustainable backpacks and bicycle bags in our range, but also stylish helmets from THOUSAND or an airbag from HÖVDING that protects your head in the event of a fall or accident. We also have beautiful and useful accessories for the sustainable backpacks, such as the drinking bottles from FLSK. You can find these products and labels in the corresponding categories using the respective search term.